SMART TRAVEL INTERNATIONAL Inc is a full service agency selling standard travel agency goods namely, airfares and travel packages. The value added of the agency’s offering is its knowledge, expertise and professionalism, competitive rates and specialty focus on the tourist market which translates into increased satisfaction for the customer.

Professionalism: For the first time on the local market, patrons will be handled by top-notch professionals with accomplished travel industry background. Our one object is to transform the local travel market terrain into one where courtesy and respect for the client will not be compromised no matter the circumstance.

Distribution Strategy: In order to enhance the speed and efficiency of the agency-to- customer transaction and vise versa, patrons have the added convenience of the internet. Clients have the luxury and ease of prompt service through the e-mail option.

Market Needs: Many potential customers are unsure of how to plan their itinerary. Part of the value associated with the services of Smart Travel International is the knowledge the agents possess about destinations and how to get there without unbearable expense. Customers can look to the agency to provide them with sound advice and competitive fares. Time is a precious commodity. We can save the customers time and money, and help ensure that they are satisfied with their trips. Smart Travel International is confident in its ability to deliver unrivaled service.

Competitive Edge: At Smart Travel International, our competitive edge is the focus, passion, and experience with which we handle our responsibility to our clients passengers. Smart Travel International seeks to promote and provide access to adventure in tourism and travel. Tour packages are designed to meet the special tastes and needs of the client. It is a vast departure from the tediously boring alternative offered by others. At Smart Travel International, customers are encouraged to design their own tours with the guidance of a qualified professional. However, clients can take advantage of existing packages.

We provide a differentiated offering with the management experience and commitment to make it work. With Smart Travel International, you are always in good hands.

Remember! Fly Smart!! Pay Less!!!